Swiss Family Mitchell


Moving to Switzerland

Becoming Official Part 4 – The Pups

Hundekontrolle and more registrations.


Becoming Official Part 3 – Mobile Phone

Like the bank accounts, finding a mobile carrier and phone was a lot more complicated than we thought it would be.

Becoming Official Part 2 – Bank Accounts

Finding a bank was harder than you'd think.

Becoming Official Part 1 – Residency Cards

My prior moves had been much simpler than this one, and I was surprised by how many tasks we had to complete in order to be in compliance with all of the state and local rules.

Grüezi, Zürich!

We had hoped for the best, prepared for the worst, and got what we hoped for!

Auf Wiedersehen, New Jersey

To say that May and June have been big months for us would be an understatement.

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