During Mom and Ken L’s last weekend in Switzerland, we went to Lucerne for a spectacular day on land and See. (“See” is German for “lake” – see what I did there?)

We started our day in Lucerne by walking around the Farmer’s market and getting a taste of the old town, literally and figuratively. We ate some delicious snacks while admiring the beautifully decorated old buildings and the Kapellbrücke, Lucerne’s famed wooden pedestrian bridge. After spending some lovely time meandering, we made our way to the lakefront to begin experiencing Lucerne’s natural wonders.

Kapellbrücke and Lucerne’s old town


We hopped on a ferry that took us beyond the city and toward the mountains, far out onto Lake Lucerne. Lake Lucerne is one of our favorite lakes in Switzerland because it provides really beautiful, peaceful views of the surrounding mountains, and being out on the lake really makes us feel immersed in quintessentially Swiss natural beauty. Lucerne is close to three major Swiss Alps: Rigi, Titlis, and Pilatus. Rigi is about 1800 meters tall, Titlis is 3238 meters tall, and Pilatus is 2128 meters tall, so the view from the middle of the lake was spectacular on all sides. The ferry took us on a beautiful tour of the lake and dropped us off at the bottom of Mount Pilatus.

A view from the Ferry



The world’s steepest cograil carries visitors from the base of Pilatus up to two of its peaks. The journey itself was a lot of fun, and we passed a lot of beautiful mountain scenery as we made our ascent. At the top, we had a breathtaking view of mountains as far as the eye could see on one side of the mountain, and beautiful Lake Lucerne down below on the other side. We also enjoyed watching paragliders take off just a few meters away from us and then soar high above the nearby peaks.

Lake Lucerne from Pilatus

After we had our fill of Pilatus, we took a series of cable cars back down to Lucerne and enjoyed the rest of the evening there before heading home.