On Mom and Dad M.’s last full day in Switzerland, we took a day trip out to Lucerne.  Lucerne is a popular tourist destination about 45 minutes from Zürich.  With a peaceful lake, beautiful mountains, and a pristine old town, Lucerne has something for everyone.

We began our day in Lucerne by walking around the old town.  We crossed Lucerne’s famous wooden footbridges, adorned on the inside with beautiful murals depicting religious scenes, and decorated on the outside with bright flowers.  We meandered through a market with vendors selling all sorts of flowers, produce, baked goods, art and other locally-sourced items.  We explored the streets and alleys of the old town, with cobblestone streets and many buildings decorated with large, colorful murals that date back centuries.  It was a shutterbug’s dream – so many beautiful things to see and photograph!


Market flowers


Painted buildings



We ended our walk at the lakefront, where we hopped on a lake cruise.  The cruise quickly shifted our attention from man-made sights to natural beauty.  The vessel took us out into the middle of Lake Lucerne and provided a beautiful view of the nearby mountains.  The lake was very peaceful, and it made us dream of someday having our own boat to tool around and explore its edges.

Lake Lucerne
View of nearby Mt. Pilatus from Lake Lucerne

Once back on land, we stepped inside the church of St. Leodegar, one of Lucerne’s most noteworthy churches.  Although much of the German-speaking part of Switzerland is predominantly protestant, Lucerne is a very Catholic city with beautiful Catholic churches.  Our visit to the church was very brief because there was a wedding taking place so we quickly peeked inside, then walked over to check out the Lion Monument.

The Lion Monument commemorates Swiss soldiers who died defending the French monarchy against revolutionaries during the late 1700s.  It is an enormous, evocative sculpture carved out of a flat rock face, and it makes for a very serene and moving spot for contemplation.

The Lion Monument

We had a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad M., and our trip to Lucerne was the perfect way to spend their last day here.