I got an itch to explore Switzerland some more, so I began investigating nearby places to visit.  I discovered that Rheinfall, Europe’s largest waterfall, is only about an hour away from Zürich, so we hopped on the train and headed north!

When we arrived, we meandered down a short, wooded path to a little ferry station that offered a variety of boat rides near the falls.  The local people have clearly perfected the art of tourism at this waterfall, and everything ran with perfect Swiss efficiency.  We opted for a trio of short ferry rides that took us on a little loop past the waterfall, and to a rock in the middle of the falls where groups can disembark and catch a neat view.

The approach to the waterfall

The waterfall was beautiful, and it was neat to be able to check out the rock in the middle of the falls.  It looked like there were little hiking trails along the river for those so inclined, but we did not check them out on this trip.  Overall, it was a fun outing and another great way to experience the natural beauty of Switzerland!


Views from the falls