We stayed in our temporary apartment for about two months, and by the end of our stay, we were really itching to be settled someplace more permanent.  We were also ready to have our kitchen supplies, our photos, and our much more comfortable bed back!

We moved into our new apartment at the end of July, but the shipment of our household goods from America turned into a bit of a fiasco and we ended up receiving our belongings about two weeks later than we had expected.  Although our first few weeks in our new apartment were a little uncomfortable, we’re settled in now, and it feels so nice to have a place to call home again.

Our apartment is nearly across the street from Lake Zurich and everything its beautiful lakeside park has to offer.  It is also close to a dog park where the pups can run around.  We’re only about a mile from P’s office and a block from the tram, so his commute is a breeze.

Our apartment is smaller than our house in New Jersey, naturally, but it is perfect for the four of us.  It’s sunny and comfortable, and we’re really happy to be here!