We spent our last full day of our French Riviera vacation at the beach.  We started our day by driving into Ramatuelle, the center of which is a beautiful, old, medieval town on top of a hill.  We found a pastry shop called La Tarte Tropezienne, where we bought some exquisite quiches, gorgeous fruit tarts, and a bottle of wine before  heading to Pampelonne.

We enjoyed our decadent treats on the beach while drifting in and out of sleep, and aside from P’s very unfortunate run-in with a very unkind jellyfish, it was a wonderful day at the beach.  *Travel tip – the word for jellyfish in French is “la meduse,” and if your husband is a champ who is willing to stay at the beach after being stung, the lifeguards have ointment to counteract the venom.


At the end of our long, mostly relaxing beach day, we went to Cabane Bambou for a spectacular dinner on the beach.  Cabane Bambou is situated just outside of the bamboo jungle and next to the nude beach, and for some reason we imagined it to be a place decorated with dark wood, tiki torches, and kitschy, luau-ish decorations.  Instead, we were surprised to find an ultra-relaxing, Hamptonesque restaurant decorated in whites and pale blues, with acoustic indie hits softly playing in the background and super-chill waiters who made us feel at home.  The dining room was literally on the beach, and we dug our toes in the sand while feasting on delicious barbecue.  We watched the landscape change colors as the sun went down – it started out looking like a beautiful beach, then it transformed into a glowing watercolor of blues, purples, and greys, then it morphed into a shocking blue Klein painting before settling into the night sky.  It was the most perfect end to a spectacular vacation.