In order to bring the dogs into Switzerland, we were required to have the dogs vaccinated and evaluated by a veterinarian in the U.S.  We then had to obtain a specific certificate, endorsed by a federal agency, related to the import/export of animals.  Then, we were told, we would need to have the dogs evaluated by a Swiss veterinarian.

As with everything else, the process of following the dog rules in Switzerland was not so simple as we believed it would be.  First, we had to register with the Zürich Hundekontrolle to obtain a dog owner ID number.  Then, we were able to set up an appointment with the veterinarian to evaluate them.  The vet came today and took care of registering the dogs, so they are now official Swiss Frenchies!  We will also soon be obtaining pet passports for them, which will allow them to be fancy international travelers.

Also as part of the requirements for importing animals, we are required by law to participate in a dog obedience training program.  While it’s another hoop to jump through, I am glad to do it as it seems to be very effective.  Here in Zürich, people bring their dogs everywhere (on public transportation, into stores, and even to restaurants), and 99% of the dogs we’ve seen out and about have been perfectly well behaved.  It’s not uncommon to see people walking through the city with their dogs off leash trotting a few paces behind.  If the official obedience training program can get our dogs to do that, I’m all in!