Finding a bank was harder than you’d think.  In America, we have the benefit of knowing the major banks, the reputations of various banks, and materials in our first language.  Here, even just choosing a bank was complicated, as some banks do not have materials in English or employees fluent in English.

At the major banks here, it seems that they primarily offer banking packages, which is a different model than what we’re used to in the U.S.  In America, you might go to a bank to open a checking account, maybe you’ll add on a savings account, then maybe you’ll open up a credit card with your bank or a different company.  Here in Switzerland, you obtain a full package of financial services from your bank that includes a couple of checking accounts, a savings account, a debit card, and two credit cards.  This is nice except for the hefty monthly fee that seemingly cannot be avoided.

After lots of math and much deliberation, we finally made our decision and opened up an account.  You might think that now we are fancy and secret people because we have a Swiss bank account, but you’d be wrong!  No more secretive Swiss bank accounts – the U.S. knows all about them now.