For the past several months, we have had a seemingly insurmountable to-do list between selling the house, finishing school, wrapping up at work, preparing for a new job, and moving to Switzerland.  Once we arrived here, the to-do list continued with numerous tasks that need to be done as soon as possible to transition to Swiss residency.  Yesterday, we took a brief pause to walk around the beautiful park along the east bank of Lake Zürich.  It is beautiful and surprisingly natural for a city park.  The banks of Lake Zürich retain their natural state with little pools and wild but pruned flora.  The park is peaceful, and lake is dotted with boats, swans, and even some paddle boarders.  The lake also provides a beautiful view of the towns and forests along its banks, with the Alps in the distance.  It was very calming to just enjoy the fresh air and take in the beauty around us!