P’s employer has arranged for us to stay in temporary housing for a month while we get settled in and find a more permanent apartment.

It has been an adjustment going from a three bedroom suburban house to a one bedroom city apartment.  We’ve gone from having more than we need to just the bare essentials, and in some ways this return to simplicity has been very nice.

Our apartment has a small bathroom, a living space just big enough for some living room furniture and a small dining table, a bedroom, and a small kitchen.  We have place settings for four so dishes never pile up in the sink, a small refrigerator so we never lose track of the food in there, and a small wardrobe with two suitcases’ worth of clothes so we never have much of a decision about what to wear.

View from our kitchen window

We are on the third floor in European parlance (the fourth floor in America), which has encouraged us to get a little workout on our way in and out of our apartment, and without our cars, we have done a ton of walking as we run errands and become acquainted with the city.  We are definitely missing some of our creature comforts (really missing our own washer/dryer and a doggie door to a backyard!) but this experience has reminded us that we don’t need a ton of space or a ton of belongings to be happy.

We live in a quiet, residential neighborhood but very close to Lake Zürich, a tram line, the opera house, and a major train station.  We’re only a few blocks from P’s office, so he will have a very easy commute for his first few weeks on the job!  We’re getting settled in, and we’re looking forward to exploring the city more and eventually finding a more permanent place to call home.