To say that May and June have been big months for us would be an understatement.

Within the last two weeks of May, P graduated from his LLM program, and we enjoyed a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad M. and Steph, exploring NYC and relaxing in Cranford.  I wrapped up my position at my firm, then we sold most of our belongings in a massive two-day yard sale and Craigslist spree, took on the fairly complicated process of importing our dogs into Switzerland, and began packing up the rest of our possessions to be stored, shipped, or donated.

University-wide commencement at Yankee Stadium

Within the first week of June, we cleared out our three-bedroom house and prepared it for the next owner, packed and shipped many of our household goods overseas and stored the rest, closed on our home, and (almost) sold Peter’s trusty old Trailblazer.  We also said goodbyes to as many friends and family as we could.  We enjoyed a frenchie-fest, dinner, and GoT with Becky and Brian.  We went out for a great dinner in the village with Brian and Lindsey.  We had drinks on the Hudson River with Paul.  We had dinner and went for drinks at an awesome rooftop bar with Jose and Gerardo.  We enjoyed a magical evening at the Four Seasons (and even got to meet one of the owners!) with Dad H. and Deb.  We had a lovely lunch with Grandma and Grandfather at one of our favorite Westfield places.  We had a fun evening with Nancy and Joe over some great NJ Italian food, and our last dinner in the U.S. was a wonderful, good-old-fashioned American barbecue complete with s’mores with Mom L., Ken, Carolyn, and Ryan.

Some last pictures from our home

On Tuesday evening, Mom L. and Carolyn brought us to the airport and helped us with the complicated task of checking five suitcases and getting our two pups ready for their first airplane ride.  Once through security, we made our final calls in the U.S. to Mom and Dad M., Steph, Joe, and Chris, then hopped on the plane for our 7 hour flight to Zurich.

As I reflect on our last weeks in New Jersey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support of our family and friends.  None of this massive undertaking would have been possible without you.  We are sorry that we could not have spent more time with more people before we left, but we are grateful for the time we were able to spend with those whom we did get to see.

We hope to visit the U.S. soon, and we are looking forward to many visitors in Zurich.  Auf wiedersehen!